Living my Life with “Ooops”, Rather Than “What If”

Life is a gift, but it can be a curse for some people. It depends on how you see the life itself, what kind of framework that you use to see the world. For me, life is both.. it’s a gift and curse, life is a combination of joy and pain, a journey of laugh and tears. We can feel pain, because we ever been in the happy moment and vice versa. But whatever life is, I want to live my life without a regret. I’d rather than do mistakes than not try anything.

I am a firm believer that life itself is about suffering. Everything comes with a trade off, there will be good in bad and there’s always bad in good. As life is a suffering, our job is to choose what kind of suffer we’d like to bear. Working is suffering, but not working is also suffering due to a lot of bills to be paid off. Work-out is suffering but obesity due to less work out also a suffering. It matters of which cost would like to pay. There’s no such a thing as happy flawless life.

For me, I’d rather to pay the cost of “Oops” than regret because not doing a thing I wish I do. I believe that most of time, people tend to regret on things they wish they do than the things they have done. I aspire to be that one, who growing old with many memories, do a lot of crazy-high-risk things. I know I might choose the wrong decisions, but it won’t end my life and I could always learn from my mistake. In this short life, I don’t want to regret a single thing. I want to live my life as tomorrow is the last day I am living the world. I want to cherish the things I love to do, the people I love with my heart and experiences I have explored.

By writing this, I am not encouraging anyone to live the life the way I do. I just want to share that everybody is unique, the path and experience is never exactly same one and another. Let’s embrace the way to live a life in our way. Let’s respect each other’s decision.




Translate my thinking into writing. A reader, marketer, and writer. Contact:

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efrilia wahyu

efrilia wahyu

Translate my thinking into writing. A reader, marketer, and writer. Contact:

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